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The ultimate rental accounting software.

Rental Hero is a simple, easy-to-use accounting app for rentals that is gauranteed to save you a ton of time on your accounting.

If you're looking for something that's custom built for rentals and easy-to-use then you're going to love Rental Hero.

Custom built for rentals.

Everything about of Rental Hero is custom built around the way rental owners track their income, expenses, and do their accounting.

It works on single family homes, duplexes, multi unit properties, short term rentals, Airbnbs, and storage units.

You can even track everything on a per property and per unit basis, including the ability to generate separate profit & loss reports for each one.

Do your accounting in half the time.

The real value in Rental Hero is how much time it saves you.  It gives you the ability to setup automatic data feeds from over 15,000 banks and credit cards.  Rental Hero will use those feeds to download all your new transactions into the software every morning and auto-catetgorize them based on your own custom rules...without you lifting a finger!

Or, if you don't want to setup a bank feed, you can always manually download your statements from your bank or credit card's website and then upload the files into Rental Hero.  Either way it will save you a ton of time.

Ditch the shoe box.

With Rental Hero you can attach receipts to any expense using your computer, tablet, or your phone.

The system automatically stores a digital copy of the receipt and links it to that expense.  If you ever need to see it again, simply click on the expense and boom...there's your receipt.

Ready for taxes in 10 seconds.

The first year you use Rental Hero for your taxes is when the real magic happens.

It literally takes 10 seconds to generate the report you need for your taxes.  Simply print it out, hand it to your tax professional, and you're done.  It gives you exactly what you need for your taxes.  You'll wish you found Rental Hero years ago!

Plus, you can generate these reports for each individual rental, a group of rentals, or separate companies.

And so much more...

•  Simple, intuitive, and easy to learn.
•  World class U.S. based tech support.
•  Customizeable income and expense categories.
•  Easily split expenses between categories and properties.
•  Save notes/history on each property.
•  Store documents.
•  Supports properties in different LLC's/companies.
•  Mobile app for iPhone and Android.
•  Text message and email reminders for tenants.
•  Text message and email reminders for owners.
•  Bank and credit card feeds.
•  100% free trial - no credit card required.
Steve (Indiana)
I became a new customer of yours about a year ago. We own 20 student rental properties, and I'm in the process of finalizing our year-end tax preparation for 2018. Your system is simply awesome, very user friendly. It's so easy to navigate, review & analyze data, and print necessary reports. It's exactly the type of system I was hoping to find early last year. I just didn't think it would exist.

Additionally, my elderly parents have several properties, and they're a customer of Rental Hero. While I handle the day-to-day management hassles for their properties, they still want to be involved by handling the bills and receipts. Your system is easy enough for my older, non-tech-savy dad to use, and with the system being online, I can help him remotely whenever he has any questions. I simply walk him through it step-by-step over phone. I can even make sure his entries are correct, and am able to print the necessary tax documents for him at the end of the year.

Our full-time maintenance man has 6 properties now, and is using Rental Hero as well and he loves it too!  Again...thank you! I absolutely love the system, and wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate having it available. It's a big time saver!
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Try it for free today.

RentalHero is 100% free to try for 30 days - no credit card required.  If you like it after 30 days then you can enter a credit card and pay for it then.  If you decide it's not for you then no big don't need to do anything.  Your account will automatically go inactive after 30 days.

Remember, Rental Hero is a tax deductible expense too, which means the real cost can be up to 35% less - see the calculations.

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